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Vinyl Voices Rewind 80s Workshop

Hooray! I am now officially ….🥁🥁🥁🥁

🍾 The UK Confidence to Choir Coach🍾

Yesterdays singing workshop was so special. So much joy, emotion and love shared in the room. Improving everyone’s mental health and well-being through becoming a choir and singing.

I ran my ‘Vinyl Voices Rewind’ 80s ‘official’ light launch to a gorgeous group of women and one young lad who was an absolute delight to teach. He was a Dave Grohl in the making and playing guitar and piano already!

3 songs in harmony in just 6 hours.

It took place in Thurston,  Bury St Edmunds where I lived the first 4 years of my life before moving further in. I adore my home town and I have so many special memories that informed who I am today.

4 of my oldest friends came, some of whom  I’ve known since I was 4 and Sat next to through our entire school years across 3 schools. Our friendship is now cemented for the rest of our years on this earth.

My Dad who still lives locally, came over to see me for lunch and had a listen to everyone singing which made the day just that bit more special.

For one of my dear friends it was a very emotional day.  I’m so proud of her for coming. The strength she has show while enduring the most unimaginable grief a widow should have to go through was palpable yesterday. (Sarah if you’re reading this I’m so happy you came, you are loved).

I fall in love with the work I do more and more each passing month. My job is at its roots, first and foremost about having a lot of fun and laughter (we did that in buckets yesterday!) building confidence, increasing wellness,  mental health & physical health, and connecting people to their own voices, their own inner light and shining it brightly without fear. I create the space and support to ‘hold’ people to express their voices loudly, without fear.

Yesterday that happened, and it was an absolute privilege to witness it unfold.