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Windmill Primary School – Songwriting Workshop – 1Songwriting Workshop

Sophie managed in a small time to make the children think deeper about their emotions. She did this by exploring language used in current music.

Her use of questioning lead to greater understanding of song lyrics. “I can do it if I put my mind to it!” exclaimed a boy in Year 5 when he came in from lunch ready for RE.

Hopefully this is a shift in attitude that can be seen more regularly thanks to these song writing sessions.

Windmill Primary School – Songwriting Workshop – 2Songwriting Workshop

The singing was a great way for all children to be creative. I noticed that some children, who are generally quite reserved within the normal environment of the classroom, really stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced the singing.

The children worked well to show unity and were euphoric when they performed as a whole school. It was great that they felt accomplished.

Sophie was a kind teacher who navigated the children well and opened them up to a whole new world.

Anthony SprattAnthony Spratt

My mother, who has been living with dementia for over eight years, joined Sophie’s Dementia Singing Group in 2018 and it was without a doubt the highlight of her week. She has always enjoyed singing and this provided the perfect outlet with a warm friendly support network. She was welcomed into the group like family and needed no encouragement to join in – the comradery in the group was amazing. Whilst my mother has difficulty recalling words and making sentences, she could remember a lot of lyrics to songs and the beneficial mental stimulation of this fun exercise was unquestionable. Afterwards my mother would be buzzing from the singing, repeating the songs and chatting enthusiastically about the experience.

Laughter is a constant backdrop to Sophie’s groups – the simple yet vital pleasure of having fun with others, unabashed and without any self conscious restrictions. The ability of song and music to overpower anxiety and worry.

Sophie is an incredible and inspiring singer, host, tutor and facilitator. She is a one-woman powerhouse of energy, fun, enthusiasm and compassion allied to technical ability and academic rigour around the subject of singing for cognitive stimulation and improvement. I know of no other person like her!

Sadly, last year, the time came for my mother to move out of her home and away from the area to a beautiful residential care home on the south coast, closer to where I live. This has not curtailed Sophie’s engagement and friendship with my mother. Sophie has visited my mother and my mother’s recognition and delight – the smiles and immediate laughter (and singing of course) – were instant.

Put simply, Sohpie has brought joy and stimulation to my mother through music, song, dance, laughter and friendship. She has made my mother’s dementia journey more rewarding and that bit easier.

Dr Jenevora WilliamsDr Jenevora WilliamsThe first singing teacher to be awarded a PhD in voice science in the UK

Sophie has worked with her own personal experiences of singing performance, as well as vocal and emotional health. This has enriched her understanding and communication to the extent that she is now a leading expert in discovering, building and re-building people’s vocal expression capabilities – she’s a wonderful teacher and a gorgeous person.

Debbie WinterDebbie WinterDirector – Voice Workshop Ltd

Sophie Garner is a dynamic innovator, a gifted vocal coach and first class musician with a passion and natural aptitude for teaching. I would not hesitate to hire her as she is faultlessly reliable and highly professional.

Molly DilksMolly DilksSpecialist SEN Behaviour Emotional and Social College (SEMH) and Academy

Since September, Sophie has been coming in once a month to work with my Yr6’s in a special needs setting. Her enthusiasm and dedication towards music inspires the children to have a go and participate. Sophie has built up their confidence by taking their own written lyrics and has created a new song for the children to perform later on in the year. Her kindness and patience has allowed her to use 1:1 sessions with children to help them progress and be confident enough to share their work with others.

Michaela Emm-EvansMichaela Emm-EvansHighly Specialist Independent Neurological Speech and Language Therapist, BSc (Hons), PG Dip, MRCSLT, MASLTIP, HCPC reg

Sophie has been running a weekly therapeutic singing group for people with acquired brain injuries. The patients absolutely love the group and look forward to attending each week. Sophie is an absolute ball of energy with a contagious laugh. She cleverly adapts the exercises for each of the patients to ensure they experience success within the group. The singing group is regularly mentioned as a favourite by the patients and families on their feedback forms!

Paul RosebyPaul RosebyChief Exec and AD National Youth Theatre

Sophie is an experienced and inspirational firecracker: charismatic and passionate for the craft of learning by doing and singing her heart out to help everyone be the best they can be.

Fun in workshops for all ages, Sophie Garner is a great asset to have on your team.

Kate AnneKate Anne

I had some singing lessons with Sophie and she provided fabulous entertainment at a family party. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Professional, supportive even inspirational! Thanks Sophie.

Sarah TurnockSarah TurnockHead of Centre, NMPAT Towcester

Sophie shows complete professionalism and creativity when she works for Towcester Music and Performing Arts School. Her care for the young people in her class is obvious and her ability to inspire and enthuse is contagious. I always have the pleasure of seeing a bunch of happy smiling faces when I visit Sophie’s sessions.

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