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My 1 day singing workshop celebrating a specific decade in music was held at Colmworth Golf Club on crisp autumn Sunday.

18 women and 1 man attended. I always keep the songs a surprise on all my Rewind workshops until attendees arrive.

The day started with vocal warm ups, breathing exercises, volume control and working on vocal dynamics.

I chose 3 very different songs from the decade that really saw music develop in so many different new and groundbreaking ways. David Bowie’s – Space Oddity, ABBA –  Winner takes it all and Sister Sledge – We are Family.

The really special thing for me that day was  welcoming 2 extremely nervous women who completely lacking in confidence and questioning why they had come. By the end of the day they were dancing, singing with grins on their faces and asked me if I’d run a workshop and set up ma choir in their village!

This is why I love my work. Seeing people’s confidence change in a short space of time. They just need the right space and someone who will support them. Singing is for everyone and nobody needs permission to do it.