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Widows Choir Workshop

Collaborating with UK widow coach Karren Sutton to set up the UKs first Widows Choir was a proud moment in my career. 

An emotional experience and a privilege to hold space for such an incredible group of women. 

Big Olney Food Festival!

What an incredible day. Leading my choirs at Big Olney Food Festival – Sunday 10th September 2023.

My goodness how it rained and how wonderful it is!

250th year anniversary of Amazing Grace

Honoured to have been asked to lead my choir and members of the public in singing Amazing Grace to celebrate it’s 250th year anniversary on July 9th. 

Amazing Grace is the most famous hymn in the world and was written by John Newton who lived in Olney. 

Sophie was hired to put together a choir of 300 young adults from scratch in just 3 days!

This took place over the course of just 3 days in London for The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain,

to sing Rag n Bone man’s ‘Human’ in 3 part harmony.

This incredible performance was the end result.

Please note; there was no full choir rehearsal before what you see here!

Young Carers Songwriting Project - Northampton Highlights

Teaching a songwriting workshop to ‘young careers’ in Northamptonshire during lockdown.

Young Carers Songwriting Project - Corby Highlights

Teaching a songwriting workshop to ‘young careers’ in Northamptonshire during lockdown.

Sophie in January 2022 delivering her Singing & Songwriting workshop

To year 1 and 2 at Windmill Primary School in Raunds.

This is an excerpt from the 1st of 3 school day workshops working towards a whole school performance in July 2022.

5 Day Song Writing Challenge

Join The Challenge And Create Your Own Song!

This 5-Day Songwriting Challenge is an introduction to songwriting. You will learn how to create a song from scratch using only pen, paper, scissors and your own imagination. The exercises will take you on a creative journey!