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Creative Songwriting & Singing Workshops

Songwriting for Beginners

Sophie spent the first year of her MA degree researching singing and songwriting and its impact on wellbeing and mental health. As a result, she designed her own unique singing and songwriting workshop which can be delivered to a wide age range from 7 years upwards.

Highly suitable for schools, colleges, festivals, and within the corporate sector. An immersive day of creative development to further learning and to build confidence and self empowerment.

Songwriting workshops provide a very fun, productive and explorative experience and each one is unique due to the fact that students are encouraged to steer the direction of the group work throughout the day.

Music is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand.

Choir in a Day

Is an intensive and fun filled one day group workshop involving creative thinking and exploration. Participants will learn about vocal technique, breathing work, use of dynamics and emotion in telling the story of the song while also having the opportunity to sing in 3 part harmony within a group.

The day culminates in a performance of two carefully selected songs. This is a very popular workshop in schools, performing arts schools and in the corporate sector for team building events.

Health Benefits

Research has proven that singing has many benefits and it is now (at long last) being recognised by GP’s and is being referred to as ‘social prescribing’.

Sophie frequently teaches people who are suffering with a wide range of health issues including Asthma, anxiety and depression.

Below are some links to research on the benefits of singing and its affects on physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

NHS England

How music can trigger golden memories and benefit people with dementia.

British Lung Foundation

Singing for lung health. Music and other creative activities can make you feel healthier and more positive.


Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins.

5 Day Song Writing Challenge

Join The Challenge And Create Your Own Song!

This 5-Day Songwriting Challenge is an introduction to songwriting. You will learn how to create a song from scratch using only pen, paper, scissors and your own imagination. The exercises will take you on a creative journey!